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Our shipping costs are calculated based upon weight. There will be no added or "hidden" charges whatsoever.
All bolt kits are shipped via UPS while CD products will be mailed via US Postal Priority Mail.
UPS charges INCLUDE insurance so the buyer and seller are protected.
International Orders
All international orders will be shipped via US Global Priority Mail. The minimum charge for this service will be $15.00 US. Please contact us ahead of time regarding the applicable charge to your location.
CD manuals are non-returnable. No refunds will be given on CDs. We will, however, replace any CD that is found to be defective. Simply send the defective unit back to us and we will replace it only if, upon our inspection, the defect is our responsibility.

CD products purchased from Courtesy Nissan are also supported by Z Car Creations.

All other items may be returned unused and undamaged within 30 days from the date of shipment; NOT the date of arrival at the customer's location. We feel that 30 days is more than adequate for any returns that are needed.
Shipping losses due to a return are not the responsibility of Z Car Creations and lie solely on the shipper.

Credit Card Acceptance
We accept payment via Paypal.
Our Paypal email is: paypal@zcarcreations.com
Other Forms of Payment
We will accept advance payment by personal or business check and money orders. The check should be mailed to our address along with customer information and the product desired.
This process can be expedited by completing an online order form and sending a copy of the order confirmation email along with the payment.
See our official
Z Car Creations feels that it is most important to protect our customers, their information and their anonymity. We will not share customer information in any way and have put no measures in place to collect customer data beyond what is needed to safely and efficiently process orders.