Datsun S30 Door Mirror Experiences
  Craig Borden  


I have been searching for the perfect mirrors to go on my Z car for quite some time. I am pretty sure that I have found them. They are from any of the Mitsubishi 3000GT cars and step up to a power/heated configuration. I will have to report on the wiring details later.
I started by using the California mirrors as sold by Motorsport Auto. They are great looking mirrors but just didn't have the correct proportions to make them very useful on the Z car; at least not for someone 6'4" and 210 lb! I have to drive with the seat all the way back and the angles from the position, combined with the California-style mirrors, just didn't give me much visibility.
I could have opted to stay with the stock mirrors or the cheap plastic chrome mirrors at Auto Zone and other parts stores. I just couldn't stand that thought. I wanted something different and I DIDN'T want the mirrors that mount to the window frame at the corner of the door window.  Just personal preference.
Second, I tried to use mirrors from the old GM Firebird/Camaro cars. Nice looking, door mounted, aerodynamic mirrors. The driver's side is cable adjusted and the passenger side is completely manual. One drawback of these mirrors is that they are mounted via studs that protrude through the door skin and must have a nut tightened from INSIDE the door. That made things difficult on the Z because of limited door access. I could have worked around it but also decided that the angles for those mirrors - after a lot of test fitting - was just not a good fit for the Z car. I moved on.
Third, I bought my current set of 3000GT mirrors at the local scrap yard.
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