280ZX Rear Disc Brake Conversion for Datsun S30 Z Cars
  Selvyn Scott  


Uses Nissan Maxima rear disc brackets with 280ZX caliper and rotor
This is being written from memory (a short one at that), so details might be spotty.
Tools needed:
27mm 6-point socket to remove large nut inside the companion flange. A 1 1/16" socket will also fit
A very powerful air gun and air compressor (no joking on this one)
A slide hammer for removing/installing stub axle
Tools necessary to dissasemble/remove rear drum brakes.
When you get the calipers from the boneyard, try and get the bolts also.
1981 - 1984 Maxima brackets are Nissan part# 44155-04S10. Scottie bought his brackets new.
If you get your brackets from the boneyard, save the bolts!
Completely dissasemble and remove rear drum brake setup
Remove halfshafts
Remove big nut from inside the companion flange
Place slide hammer over the wheels studs and tightly secure with lug nuts
Hammer out stub axle
Inspect the bearing and replace if bad or clean out old grease and repack.

Mbracket.jpg (33890 bytes)

Install the adaptor with the flanges indented inward and facing forward as seen in
picture A.

Rside-caliper.jpg (41234 bytes)

Reinstall the stub axle using the slide hammer. Hell of a way to treat a car but the only way to get it back in.

Install Rotor

The calipers will be installed on the front of the rotor, opposite of the 280ZX. This means the R-side caliper will be installed on the driver's side, etc. Picture B shows the passenger side caliper resting on top of the adaptor before installation. Note that it says "L" on the caliper

Lside-caliper.jpg (38253 bytes)

Bolt up the caliper

Strongly suggest braided lines. If you do not have or will not install braided lines, you will have to figure out how get the brake line connected to the caliper since the original lines were long gone from my car when I did the conversion

Picture C is of the driver's side caliper installed. This shot was taken from the font of the car looking up slightly. Note that the caliper is marked "R" next to "Tokico". Also note that the E-brake is not connected

If you look below the caliper you will see the original E-brake cable. It actually fits nicely on the E-brake braket on the caliper but some some of clevis is need to finish it off. I have been threatening to do this for sometime but E-brakes are not really a priority in Orlando and by habit I also leave my car in gear.