K&N Cone Filter & Intake Elbow Install
  Craig Borden  



K&N Filter
Jeg's Part#: 599-RE-0810     Phone: 800-345-4545
Inlet: 3" ID
Length: 9"
Width: 6" with taper to 4 5/8"

3", 90 degree, mandrel-bent elbow
Fabrication & Install

KNintake.gif (44622 bytes)I went to my local NAPA store and purchased a mandrel-bent, 90 degree, 3" elbow (approx. $20 - 1996). Saw off one end of the elbow so that the K&N filter will not be directly in front of the radiator. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the pipe so that a bolt will pass through the pipe and into the bottom mounting position for the stock airbox. This bolt held the filter end and everything in front of the radiator in place. The other end is secured by the rubber boot and clamp that leads to the air flow meter. Primer and paint made things look nice.

I plan on welding a bolt to the bottom of the pipe in order to make things a little more polished. A top mount would be nice, too. The routine above will do the trick, though.