Datsun(Hitachi) to GM(Delco-Remy) Alternator Conversion
  Craig Borden  



Our Z cars just didn't have high power demands, nor did any car, 20 years ago. One of the downsides of the stock Z car alternators is that 60 or 70 amps is all that can be had as a stock replacement. Later model Nissan units can be used but their replacement prices are very expensive. Even the Auto Zone's of the world sell them between $150 and $200 and the highest output I have found is 90 amps. Yes, you can go to a junkyard but who wants to risk the wiring and electronics on their Z? Not me, anyway.

An alternative is to use a Delco-Remy 10Si style alternator with an internal regulator. These alternators were very common on all GM vehicles up to about 1985. Of course, pre-1978 Z cars will also have to be converted over from the external voltage regulator setup.

Delco-Remy 10Si Benefits

Low cost

Readily available

High output rebuild kits and aftermarket units easily found

Can be had up to 140 amp output (the highest I have seen)

(approx. measurements by hand)
Hitachi LR160
(78 - 83 S30 & S130)
Delco-Remy 10Si Delco-Remy 12Si
A) bottom to top "mounting ears"/ center-to-center 19cm (7.5") 17cm (6.75") 17cm (6.75")
B) case depth (not including pulley and fan) 10.5cm (4.25") 12cm (4.75") 12cm (4.75")
C) case diameter (mounting ears not included) 13.5cm (5.5") 13cm (5.25") 13cm (5.25")
D) outer pulley diameter 7.3cm (3") 6.5cm (2.5") 6.5cm (2.5")
E) inner pulley diameter/bottom of pulley V 4.3cm (1.75") 4.1cm (1.65") 4.1cm (1.65")
F) lower mounting ears (inside distance) front to rear 8cm (3.13") not applicable not applicable
G) pulley center to front of case 2.5cm (1") 3.0cm(1.2") 2.5cm (1")

We have been running these alternators in our own cars and our charging problems have been alleviated!