Seat Upgrade Phase2: Corbeau Sport Seats
  Craig Borden  



These seats DO REDUCE HEAD AND LEG ROOM!!!! I am 6'3" , 205 lb and wouldn't recommend them for anyone taller than me. My head is probably about 2-3 inches from the roof and I can't stretch my legs out as easily as I could with the stock seats.


Mounting of the seats was fairly easy. The seats had a rectangular bolt pattern and lay flat on the stock Z seat rails. I just used two pieces of 1/16" x 1.5" flat steel to span from left to right both at the front seat mounts and the rear seat mounts. Then just get the seat where you want it on the stock rails and bolt the flat steel to the rails. A little drilling and cutting is necessary but nothing else. A small tack weld would have been ideal but I didn't have the equipment at the time.

Opinion and Action Taken After Long Term Use

After about a years worth of climbing in and out of the car and driving with these seats, I decided that these seats were not for me.
My headroom was restricted but was something I could have lived with in order to keep the firm, controlled seating. The thing that really caused problems for me was the lateral clearances in relation to seat belt movement and the limitations the width of the seats placed on front to rear adjustment.
The seat belt could not freely retract into its housing due to being pinched by the seat in its rearmost position. I also had trouble grabbing the seat belt to get buckled up once I was seated in the car.
Seat travel from front to rear was limited by several inches because the seat backs are just plain THICKER than the Z seat backs. I haven't found an aftermarket seat that has a back even close to the thin measurements of the stock seat. Shorter folks can probably get by with these seats but I just had my fill of them.
I have since purchased new OE foam pieces for the stock seats and have had custom seat covers stitched up. It should look great, be more durable than stock(I used a vinyl/tweed combo) and feel like a dream.