Datsun 280Z Voltmeter Adjustment
  Craig Borden  


I know that the voltmeter in my '77 280 has always read too high for my tastes. When my charging system was working correctly, the gauge seemed to read about 16 volts. That really isn't a big deal unless the little details like that bother you as much as they bother me. Your voltmeter can be easily adjusted.

Tools needed:
"stubby" philips head screwdriver
small flathead screwdriver

Take preliminary readings of your system voltage both at idle and with the engine off. Write them down for reference.

Remove the heater vent escutcheon from the center of the dash.
Remove the front half of the heater box.
You should now be able to access the brackets that hold the gauges in. The easiest way is to use a "stubby" type philips head screwdriver. The screws are located directly beneath each gauge. The top of the band that supports the rear of the gauge simply slips into a slot above the gauge. One screw releases the gauge completely.

Pull the gauge back to clear the dash opening and pull it down so that you can access the rear of the gauge with a small flathead screwdriver. Leave the gauge connected so that it is reading the system voltage.

Use the flathead screwdriver to adjust the gauge to match both the battery voltage and the idling voltage of your Z car's charging system. The adjustment will have to be done to suit your own "eye" as the gauge doesn't have enough markings to be real accurate anyway.