Replace 280Z Bumpers with 240Z Bumpers
  Robert Ledesma  



Since the 240Z bumpers don't offer anything in the way of protection, the main concern is really just to get them mounted up. The existing 280Z bumper shocks must be removed. For the front this is no big deal but the gas tank must be dropped to remove the rear bumper shocks. While you are in there, clean the area, repair any rust and paint or undercoat both the car and the gas tank.
Robert simply used 1/8" x 1" aluminum stock and bent it to the correct shape for his bumper mounting brackets. The ends of the 240 bumpers bolt-up where the 280 bumper rubbers originally fastened down.
We have also seen a how-to out there on the net the kept the existing bumper shocks but required letting the fluid and air out of them, compressing the units and then mounting up the bumpers. Either method should work fine. Just remember that you are losing a margin of safety along with that extra weight!