David Grimes-
"I received your 1978Z Service Manual CD in the mail from Courtesy Nissan. An excellent product.  Currently, there are two 1978Z Service Manuals on ebay, one of them is at $56.00.  And of course, those Manuals don't have the very helpful and interesting information after the last chapter as does your CD. Excellent job on the Manual.  I hope you will produce one for my
Ricky New-
"The CD is great. I've found lots of info I needed and the links work great. Good job. Looking on the Z forum, there is are a lot of problems that this CD will help."
Sal Belluomo-
"I just got your 1977 CD shop manual for my 280Z. I love it. It installed with
ease and I was reviewing and printing information within 2 minutes. I worked
on the car this weekend and referred to the manual several times. I think it
is superior to both the Chilton's and Haynes manuals. Lastly, I printed
several pages for the job I was working on, when I was done I just tossed
Thank You, the CD is a very helpful tool. I can't wait till you get the 84-89
300 zx manuals on CD."